Department Title Name Of Investigator Principal Funding Agency Sanction Amount Status
Botany Department Ex-Situ conservation studies of endemic, rare and ethno medicinal plants Prin. Dr. B.S. Deshmukh BCUD 150000 Completed
Botany Department Fruits in the wildness : a potential of local food resource Prin. Dr. B.S. Deshmukh BCUD 175000 Completed
Botany Department Phytosociological studies of an plant diversity of kalsubai – harichandra gad wild life sanctuary Prin. Dr. B.S. Deshmukh UGC 170000 Completed
Botany Department Determination of nutritive value and mineral content of some ethnic (Wild) Fruits and vegetables used by the tribes of Akole Prin. Dr. B.S. Deshmukh UGC 430000 In Progress
Department of Chemistry Synthesis and anti tuber culer activity of thiozoludenone derivatives Prof. M. S. Salunke UGC 45000 Completed
Department of Chemistry To study the effect of wheat- grass on hemoglobin content of tribal women . Dr. Valmik. N. Gite BCUD 55000 Completed
Physics Department Performance study of parable concentration type Solar Cooker Prof. S. K. Thorat UGC 35000 Completed
Physics Department Study on Anodising and electrolytically coloured aluminum for use in effective for use in effective solar energy absorption. Prof. S. D. Kadlag BCUD 50000 Completed
Zoology Department Planktonic diversity of Bhandardara reserviour Prof. Dr. B. K. Tapale UGC 29000 Completed
Zoology Department Diurnal changes physicochemical characteristics of Bhandardara reserviour Prof. J. D Arote UGC 30000 Completed
Department of Geography Case study upper river Pravara Prof. P. T. Karande BCUD 150000 Completed
English Department Difficulties Encountered by TYBA Eng sp students while acquiring communicative competence and remedial measures for its improvement:A Study Mr.Satpute A. D. UGC New Delhi 75000 In Progress
Marathi Department Akole Talukyachya chalis gaon dang parisaratil Adiwasi Lokgite Prof. Dr. D. K. Gandhare UGC 13000 Completed
Department of Political Science Political of Muslim in Rajur Prof. B. M. Pawar BCUD 60000 Completed
Hindi Department Shekhar Ek Jeevani Prof. Dr. B. T. Shenkar UGC 30000 Completed
Hindi Department Shatkottar natko main yuva pidhi mohanbhang ki stitthi Prof. B. K. Thorat UGC 35000 Completed
ECONOMICS Impact of Adivasi development plans in agriculture Prof. M. B. Shinde UGC 20000 In Progress
History Department Historical forts and template in Akole Tahasil Prof. L. B. Kakade BCUD 22000 Completed
Department of Chemistry “Alternative medicine for decreasing sugar level of the diabetic patient.” Dr. Valmik N. Gite B.C.U.D., University of Pune 130000 Completed
Commerce Faculty "Management of Tribal Development scheme in Ahemadnagar District -with special reference to Agriculture sector" Prof.Dr.Rekha A.Kadhane BCUD Savitribai Phule Pune University 40000 Completed
ECONOMICS "An empirical study: The effects of Tourist Places on Tribal Development in Ahmednagar District with Special refrerence to western zone (2011-2013) Dr.Bhausaheb Y.Deshmukh UGC 300000 In Progress